Bastogne Barracks

Museum Piconrue

Documentation center

The Documentation Center offers the public a collection of books and periodicals collection related mainly with local history (Bastogne and its surroundings, the province of Luxembourg), religious history, arts and folklore.

More than 10.000 books and many journal articles to date are listed in a computerized database. The library is also preserved a large number of ancient books (from the sixteenthe siècle) and a rich collection of liturgical books.

The department also maintains Archive few thousand documents - parish archives, religious communities, or private - of which there is also a computerized inventory. So, sometimes very old documents and from Bastogne church fabrics, Rachamps, Beho, Anlier and elsewhere, are available at the Museum.

Renseignements pratiques :

The Museum Documentation Center Piconrue is available on Thursday and Friday 10 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 17:30. Les demandes de rendez-vous sont à adresser à M. Rudy Flock, librarian :