Bastogne Barracks

NUTS 2017

Brussels, the 15 December 2017 –
As every year in mid-December, le War Heritage Institute – site Bastogne Barracks commémore la Bataille des Ardennes. these Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 December 2017, Bastogne Barracks organized for the general public many exciting activities as part of the weekend Nuts 2017 !

Nuts, a historic replica
In December 1944, the German army launched an offensive on the city of Bastogne. To defend the city, the 101st Airborne Division set up his headquarters in the barracks Lieutenant Heintz, the current Bastogne Barracks. When the German army besieged the city to force the Americans to surrender, General McAuliffe simply this laconic reply : “Nuts”. Ces quatre lettres auront un impact majeur sur le dénouement de la Bataille des Ardennes.

Nuts, a festive weekend in Bastogne Barracks
Every year, Bastogne Barracks and the town of Bastogne, commemorates the Battle of the Bulge. With a varied program, Bastogne Barracks, site du War Heritage Institute, plunges the audience into the mood December 1944. Vi-site this interpretation center, where history is "alive", proves an unforgettable experience. The old atmosphere is palpable, particularly in the winery Nuts, where General McAuliffe delivered his historic replica. The public can also discover the many tanks and armored vehicles and visi-er the tanks restoration workshop. at regular intervals will be a parade of military vehicles, including a Hetzer, a Halftrack M16 and two Sherman.

The program also provides for dynamic demonstrations of first aid post and weapons. Finally, militaria enthusiasts can explore the stands of various exhibitors. The full program is on

War Heritage Institute – site Bastogne Barracks
Le War Heritage Institute (WHI) a pour mission de valoriser le patrimoine militaire belge, Memory of armed conflict on Belgian soil or involving Belgians abroad. The WHI includes sites, dont Bastogne Barracks.

Le site Bastogne Barracks est le centre d’interprétation par excellence pour la Bataille des Ardennes. Il abrite la collection de tanks de la Seconde Guerre mondiale du WHI et les restaure également dans son Vehicle Restoration Center.

Useful information

Date : 16 – 17 December 2017 from 9 h 18 h

Or : War Heritage Institute – Site Bastogne
Barracks, Rue de la Roche 40,
6600 Bastogne

Free admission

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