Bastogne Barracks

Visite World of Tanks

Ce week-end, there prevailed a quite peculiar agitation at the site of Bastogne Barracks. The interpretation center of the Second World War had put the dishes in large to accommodate a group of visitors a little special. “Il s’agit de fans du jeu vidéo World of Tanks ” , explained Didier Giorgetti, the communication manager. “C’est la troisième fois qu’ils viennent nous rendre visite mais la première fois avec un groupe aussi important.”

World of Tanks is an online video game that brings in multi-player gaming enthusiasts worldwide during tank battles. The day was organized by Wargaming Bastogne, the creator of video games that have particular needs World of Tanks.

Ce jeu s’efforce de garder une certaine réalité historique”, commented Alexander Arazaki, French Community Manager for Wargaming. “Il y a plus de 400 tanks in the game. Most have existed, les autres sont des projets qui n’ont pas abouti sur le marché.”

For the occasion, Bastogne Barracks officials had released several tanks with which they offered demonstrations for the audience of enthusiasts. “Out tanks, c’est un peu exceptionnel”, admitted Didier Giorgetti. “Ils étaient très contents et se sont montrés très intéressés. They were happy to see rolling tanks with which they play on their screens. We were also pleasantly surprised by the interest they have for the museum portion of Bastogne Barracks. They also showed great interest in our vehicle restoration center.

The World of Tanks community represents millions of players worldwide. La page Facebook, just for French players, totals over 1.700.000 like.

“Notre boulot, is to manage the whole community“, Alexander continued the Parisian Arazaki. “We manage social networks, forums and we also organize events like this day in Bastogne.

The last hour 11/10/2016